Port d'Andratx

Port d'Andratx

Things to do - general

Port d’Andratx represents the coastal region of the Andratx municipality, in the southwestern part of the Isle of Mallorca. It has a rich history and it’s located on one of the most beautiful shores in all Mediterranean basin. This last advantage has helped the recent tourism development in the area, with more and more tourists visiting its resorts every year. At the moment, the little Mediterranean destination is popular among Dutch, British, German and Italian tourists, but people from US and Asia are also starting to show up around town. The increase in popularity suggests a good infrastructural development of the region and the increase in number of travel attractions offered to visitors.

The sea plays the most important role in the touristic growth of Port d’Andratx, since it offers countless possibilities of relaxation and good quality time in fun and active ways. First of all, during the summer months, the beaches of Port d’Andratx are ideal for sun bathing and casual swimming. If you are bond with the underwater world and you want to explore the depths, you should go for snorkeling along the shore. There are even a couple of companies who are offering diving courses and some really nice scuba diving expeditions for the enthusiasts of marine life.

But the depths of the sea could be too much for you. If you want to admire the Mediterranean Sea from a safe place, you can get on-board of one of the ships docked in port. Nearly half of the boats and yachts from Port d’Andratx can be rented or hired, but the most affordable way of trying the deep waters is by booking a place for one of the local tour boats, offering organized daily excursions.

If you want to combine your sea summer trip with some European culture, a visit at the local cultural association is a must. They have permanent galleries exhibited for visitors, a nice dance-hall and even a theater with regular shows. Also, you will be able to watch the artists creating traditional handcrafted masterpieces in one of the art studios.

The night life is also highly valued in the region. If you like the kind of parties where you can get to mingle with strangers, but you also want to keep a level of intimacy, the bars and pubs of Port d’Andratx are the ideal places. Think about the new friends you could make here and the great time that you could have next to your loved ones, in such a relaxed and welcoming location.

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