Puerto de Alcúdia

Puerto de Alcúdia

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Puerto de Alcúdia is the most populated part of Alcúdia, one of the numerous small towns on the isle of Mallorca. This tropical, yet picturesque beach offers various touristic activities and accommodation possibilities, one of the best options for travelers on the shores of the Alcúdia Gulf.

Puerto de Alcúdia has the longest beach on the island, with more than 7 miles of golden sand. The sea is great as a bathing spot for families, but the sports water enthusiasts can also have a fun time in the water, especially if they are inexperienced. Here, you can learn how to swim, surf, go scuba diving, or spend your day riding a ski jet. Also, the moderate winds allows you to learn how to windsurf.

Off the beach, you will find a small, but cosmopolitan community. On one hand, you have the holidaymakers and restaurants owners, who are offering Spanish traditional cuisine and services. On the other hand, there are foreigners who fell in love with the island and decided to start their own family businesses in the area. The bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs, owned by these permanent tourists are reflecting their countries of origin. So if you will stumble upon an alley with two British pubs and an Italian pizzeria, you will understand why.

If you want a wild and active nightlife during your vacation, you should visit the island during summer, when the place is swarming with young tourists, mostly students and young single people from around Europe. For a more relaxed atmosphere, friendlier for families with kids, the best periods to visit the island are during Spring and early Autumn. The cheapest period happens during the cold seasons, but the temperatures (50 ºF) won’t allow many beach activities, most of the holiday businesses are closed and the tourists are fewer than the population of the town itself. Since we mentioned temperatures, the summer weather in this region is not that hot, only about 90 ºF, but the humidity makes the air hard to breath. However, that shouldn’t be a problem – a couple of cold beers or ice-cream by the beach will fix any eventual troubles.

You can reach Puerto de Alcúdia by flying to one of the airports of the island and a short car trip. It can be also reached by ferry in a 90 minutes trip from Cagliari, Italy.

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